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DM provides quality solutions for the development of modern communities, innovative residential developments and commercial investment opportunities. Each architectural statement embodies iconic, intelligent, innovative, responsible and ethical design. This is flawless contemporary development, cultivated with integrity. Each individual client, building and community is united by a dedication to detail. Our expertise stretches across the entire property spectrum: residential; commercial; retail and industrial, specializing in a complete range of cost effective, in-house services:
Commercial and Residential
Construction & Development
Sales Management
Project Management
Feasibility Studies
Facilities Management

Architect at Construction Site
Apartment Building


The end to end service from planning through to construction and facilities management formulates a complete, tailored solution with considerable economic benefit. DM continues to excel in the development of new residential communities, undeveloped land and commercial investment opportunities. The flexibility of our proposition means that each client receives a strategic and highly personalized solution. Increased efficiency within our framework constitutes a substantial cost benefit and competitive advantage to clients. A streamlined approach means time sensitive, customer focused delivery. Our singular purpose translates as a significant win within the competitive global marketplace.


Our team offer expertise during all phases of your project to effectively and creatively achieve your objectives. We provide comprehensive project/construction management services to developers as well as end users on a local, regional and global basis. We are committed to providing project management services of the highest professional standards to all investors of all types of real estate. Each specific division within the business operates dedicated teams that function on creative energy and the power of concentrated knowledge. Under robust and experienced leadership, each unit is focused on their area of expertise.

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