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We are also an all-encompassing trading firm that specializes primarily in the MENA & ASIAN sub-continent. We work hard to maintain our status as a premier trading firm and devote all necessary resources to support continuous improvement initiatives, to develop and outsource new opportunities and products in order to compete aggressively in the global markets.

Shelves with Products

The DM Advantage

Each market is different from the other for tradition, culture and history. To be able to adapt themselves to the demands of the segment and the single economic subjects (such as users, enterprises and institutions) is the essential condition to be successful.

We have a very eminent presence in these markets with a highly efficient team of personnel fluent in the local languages and cultures. The DM structure can take you to the discovery and the utilization of the opportunities that each market offers.

Our services are structured with the goal of leaving to the client all the technical evaluation, while we take care of managing contacts with local enterprises, of evaluating its reliability and technical capacity, of managing all of the contacts between international and local entities.


Strategic Partnerships

When selecting a trade partner, there are many things to consider. The company’s breadth of coverage and depth of expertise. Its history and reputation. The flexibility and creativity required to tackle complex trading issues. Its ability to translate recommendations into results. But perhaps the most important consideration is how well they understand your needs. Are they as committed to your success as you are? At Dunes Middle East, we’re known for working with our clients, not just for them. We partner with a number of organizations to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution for a wide range of businesses.

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