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Satellite Communications: The Future is here.

The evolution of technology in the past two decades has been remarkable, particularly in the sphere of communication where satellites are increasingly compensating for the shortcomings of terrestrial networks. The stark digital disparity between rural and urban regions in developing countries is a pressing issue that global governments are striving to resolve.

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Achieving universal internet access necessitates extensive fibre deployment and significant telecom infrastructure investments by countries to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. However, telecom companies can't afford to invest everywhere. Investments need to be strategically planned, prioritizing regions that generate the most revenue. Consequently, rural areas often lack rapid broadband access from terrestrial network providers. This scenario can be rapidly transformed by satellite broadband providers. Major players are now targeting global markets (including us!).

This is due to the existence of 'dark spots' worldwide where the internet is inaccessible as fibre deployment isn't feasible for various reasons. For inhabitants of high-altitude regions, high-speed broadband remains an aspiration. Satellite communication providers recognize this void as an opportunity for substantial profit.

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Satcom Benefits Not Limited to Remote Locations Only

Satellite communication proves beneficial not only for regions lacking connectivity but also for metropolitan cities. The terrestrial networks often face restrictions, one of the majors being susceptibility to easy damage. Fibre networks can be readily harmed due to construction activities, excavation, or catastrophes, resulting in lost connectivity. However, as satellites remain operational round the clock, they ensure uninterrupted connectivity, even during disasters. Several smartphone manufacturers are now aiming to provide direct satellite connectivity for their devices.

Satellite connectivity isn't solely designed for terminals that generate Wi-Fi signals. It is also intended for other devices like smartphones and laptops, possessing the requisite hardware to establish a direct connection with satellites for communication. The current decade is set to witness a surge in the uptake of satcom services by businesses and individuals alike. Initially, it might be an expensive affair, but as is the norm with technology, with its widespread usage, there will be more innovations to make it economically accessible to a larger population.

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