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The role of satellite communications in improving the mining industry

Exploration ventures undertaken by mining companies often lead them to the most isolated corners of the globe in the pursuit of valuable minerals or resources. This venture, fraught with uncertainties, is a costly and time-consuming process. It necessitates substantial financial and human resources and often requires decades to become profitable. A sturdy communication framework plays a pivotal role in any mining operation. Dependable satellite communications can provide a competitive edge throughout the entire process, from exploration to mining and restoration. Like any complex business structure, strategic planning, and effective execution of VSAT can augment mining operations and adapt to the business's evolving needs. Here are a few reasons why:

Dunes Middle East

Unlimited Exploration:

The exploration process is labor-intensive, and the exploration team must constantly relocate in their quest for resources. They require equipment that is portable, quick to deploy, and durable enough to last the two to twelve weeks of a typical exploration mission. A lightweight, easily set up, portable VSAT antenna is the ideal tool, offering uninterrupted broadband connectivity. This allows the exploration team to communicate in real time and easily access corporate systems.

Information Superhighway:

The gathering, processing, and transmission of data, coupled with maintaining open communication channels between headquarters and field experts, is crucial in terms of both time and capital. With up to 99.9% uptime in connectivity, VSAT enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and yields quicker results. Regardless of your location, from the blistering Sahara to the icy Tundra, you can rely on satellite connectivity.

Worker Safety:

For miners working in hazardous and remote areas, GPS tracking and emergency button devices can be provided. This enables ground operations to continuously monitor their personnel and quickly track and dispatch help in emergency situations. Simultaneously, video monitoring can be routed via VSAT to the central office to provide additional, timely assistance in the event of significant occurrences such as mechanical breakdowns, security risks, or threats to worker safety.

Minimizing downtime with backup solutions:

You might not achieve full operational performance on the first day on-site, but with VSAT, continuous connectivity is ensured. VSAT offers the vital voice and data connectivity that permits field operations to access HQ applications, transmit data, receive directives, monitor movement of personnel, machinery, and freight, and even conduct video conferences with HQ colleagues. In the event of downtime, backup solutions for voice and data communications are in place to restore operational normality swiftly.

Dunes VSAT

Promoting a positive camp atmosphere:

The level of contentment amongst your staff directly correlates to their productivity. Upholding a high level of employee morale yields significant long-term benefits. Leveraging VSAT allows you to offer a range of communication and entertainment services to your staff. With this, they can stay connected with their loved ones through text, voice, and video calls. Furthermore, VSAT offers high-speed internet for personal use, allowing access to social media and Sat TV entertainment channels. This is kept separate from business applications to prevent interference with crucial operational processes.

In conclusion:

VSAT satellite communications aren't a mere luxury, but a crucial requirement for modern mining operations. It delivers dependable internet connectivity, voice/data/video communication channels, supports business data applications at any remote location, and allows the entire business infrastructure to operate cohesively even when resources and personnel are dispersed globally. Email us at for practical, cost effective and reliable VSAT solutions.


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