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Above & Beyond

Dunes Middle East is an integrative company based in Muscat, Oman, dedicated to delivering excellence on each of our bespoke solutions & services. We recognize it takes passion, convoluted attention to detail and reliability to deliver manifest results. All our teams possess an impressive combination of talents that sets us apart. We take pride in executing a meticulous problem solving approach, ensuring that we deliver fastidious planning and offer an array of expertise in VSAT Communications, I.T, Realty & Consultancy.


We exceed above & beyond to show you why we’re paramount in the region for your business needs.

Our success relies on the expertise and insightful approach of our professionals. They have a unique blend of local knowledge and market-driven acumen, coupled with a wealth of global expertise and experience.

Above Earth
Image by Scott Evans

TRA Class III license

Dunes Middle East obtained a Class III license from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Oman with the aim of transferring information through satellite connectivity. A major breakthrough in the digital communications industry by an Omani SME company.

Image by USGS

Digital Communications. Redefined.

Space Communication Technologies Company (SCT) and Dunes Middle East (DM) have signed a MOU for providing Satellite Communication and VSAT services to markets of different verticals in Oman. DM will provide managed Satellite Services and system integration, using modern technologies on Ka-Band from the SCT Earth Station in Al Amerat on the Omani Satellite payload @ 30.5 E. In addition to the Managed Satellite Capacity; DM will implement, commission and support for running the network on ground while SCT will provide technical support to any satellite related issues.

Image by Markus Winkler

Delivering value for the future, Today.

Love the Earth

Delivering sustainable profitability while conserving the environment.

Creating partnerships to achieve enhanced results.

Business Handshake

Creating engaging careers so employees can grow with us.

Young Businesswoman

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Shaking Hands

Our success is attributed to the creativity, astute assessments of opportunities, and rapid actions of our people, who we consider to be our most valuable asset.

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